Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I subscribe to the Los Angeles Times and on occasion I find articles that are relevant to the world of Tribal Art. In the past I added direct links to the articles which can be found on the LA Times website. However, after a few weeks these articles revert to their archives, that can only be accessed by registering on their website. I will still add these posts to my blog from time to time, so those readers that wish to do so can access the LA Times website and check out these articles. After a month or so, I will remove the old posts from my blog to eliminate clutter. To access these articles (when I cannot provide the direct link), go to the http://www.latimes.com/ and put the title, author, and date in the archive search.

Recent articles that may be of interest:

ITALY, GETTY END RIFT: The museum's pledge to return 40 objects is confirmed as civil charges are dropped against former curator Marion True.
By Jason Felch
September 26, 2007, Calendar section.

RICE CULTIVATED IN CHINA 7,700 YEARS AGO: People converted coastal marshes to paddies and built dikes to keep out the sea, researches find.
By Thomas H. Maugh II
September 27, 2007, The World section.

BAGHDAD MUSEUM'S SAD FATE "BLEEDS MY HEART": Looting of the Baghdad Museum and it's aftermath.
By Mike Boehm
October 2, 2007, Calendar section.

EARLY HUMANS FOUND TO USE MAKEUP, TOOLS: Researchers also find the earliest evidence of seafood consumption.
By Thomas H. Maugh II
October 20, 2007, Science File section.

MAORI HEAD REMAINS IN FRANCE: French court rules that a preserved tattooed Maori head will remain must remain in France and not be returned to New Zealand.
October 25, 2007, Calendar section, Quick Takes

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