Friday, May 4, 2007

The Tribal Beat Policy

Welcome to The Tribal Beat, a blog created by Mark Johnson, sole proprietor of Mark A. Johnson Tribal Art. I have been in the business of buying and selling authentic, antique tribal art since the mid 1970’s. I specialize in artifacts from the tribal cultures of Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific Islands, but have an interest in tribal art from all parts of the globe. I was one of the first dealers to use the internet as a tool for offering tribal art for sale, setting up my website ( by 1997. I am currently based in Los Angeles, California. Additional information is available on the website.

I created this blog with the hopes of providing a venue for the exchange of information on topics related to the worldwide tribal art market. These topics include the selling and buying of tribal art; information about tribal cultures; potential legal issues; museum, exhibition, or gallery news and reviews; and any other relevant discussions. As time permits I will post any pertinent information I come across and when appropriate my own commentary.

I invite others to comment, update, or correct any information provided. I encourage intelligent and informative commentary, however personal attacks, foul language, and long winded rants will be edited or removed.

Mark Johnson
May 2007

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Charles said...

Mark has been a friend and mentor to me in all my collecting adventures since the early 90s
My favorite memory of Mark was at the famous SF shows in the mid 90s was when he encouraged me to buy something interesting " but not from me".
This showed me his selfless interest in my endeavors and honesty.
I ended up buying an ancient masterpiece from him anyway which I cherish to this day.